By Luke Robbins

A NEW online magazine for combat sports is being launched.

Full Contact Magazine will cover the best in MMA, Kickboxing, K-1, Muay Thai and Boxing and BareKnuckle Boxing.

Phil Doherty said: "This is a brand new publication from the company behind Martial News.

"It will be feature led and will cover the best in MMA, the Kickboxing sports as well as boxing.

“But will also have features on nutrition, training and other aspects of combat sports.

"We already have some great columnist lined up from across the combat sports world.

"It will be a subscription based publication and will feature live streaming TV courtsey of our partners FightNightLiveTV."

The new magazine will go live at the end of July beginning of August and subscribers will be able to read it either onsite or by have it sent direct to their email.

If you would like to contribute to Full Contact Magazine as a writer or a photographer contact editor Phil Doherty on


By Martial News Reporter

WORLD Kickboxing champion Kash "The Flash" Gill has said the death of his mother made him determined to succeed.

Kash, who won four world titles and a host of European and British belts, said that the death of his mum Surgit Kaur from a heart attack when he was nine-years-old changed his life.

In his autobiography he recalls how the tragedy created a fierce determination to be the best at everything he did.

He said: "I remember looking out of the window, when she was going to the hospital. We were quite excited because the ambulance was at the front of the house.

"Losing your mom at that age doesn't help you. As a young kid you think people are going to live forever – you just don't realise.

When he was growing up in Birmingham after the death of his mother his father Gurmej Singh Gill worked 18 hours a day to keep the roof over his and his four brother and one sister's heads.

Not only was he dealing with losing his 42-year-old mother, he also had to contend with racism despite being a rising star on the kickboxing world having already conquered British and European titles.

Kash has always been acutely aware of the deprived background that he grew up in and the successful struggle of his father to provide for them against the odds.

Throughout his kickboxing career he has worked hard to help give other children from poor backgrounds the chance to do something positive through martial arts.

He has used his contacts with the rich and famous to get them to join in his cause to help disadvantaged kids from the Birmingham area.

These include Olympic champions, top footballers as well as TV personalities and pop stars. He was a guest at 10 Downing Street and has enlisted MPs in his cause.

He wrote in the book that his wife Julie and children Ellie, Kallan and Mitch are the most important thing in his life.

 Kash said: "Becoming world champion was one of the greatest moments of my life but having three healthy kids - Ellie, Kallan and Mitch – nothing can beat that, believe me.

He has now opened his own full time gym in Birmingham where he continues his quest to help the children from deprived backgrounds reach their true potential through martial arts.

Kash's remarkable life is told in his autobiography My Life in A Flash.

It is published by Brewin Books and was co-written with Shirley Thompson.

The book is available in all good book stores priced at £14.95 and is also available on Amazon.